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Showing Table in Output


Hi There,


I want to produce the formatted table( includes border, bold heading etc) using basic table tool. However when I open the file output the table doesn't exist instead a single row of code appears. Any one know how I can show the table in the output file. I have tried inserting render tool in the workflow, but still doesn't help.


attached are the workflow and the output I get in excel.





Alteryx Certified Partner


When you create a table, the only way to output is to Render it to a file.  If you are trying to output to an Excel file, then attach the Render tool after the Table tool and choose Excel spreadsheet in the Render output mode.

If that is not working, please send either the workflow or screenshot of this.





Thank for replying- but it gives error saying "cannot write to ...." doesn't allow me to create a new sheet in the existing excel output file, as I want the table on a different tab.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Unfortunately, when the render tool write to Excel, it pretty much overwrites anything that was existing in the spreadsheet.

There are some workarounds but I'd need to know more about the data already in the spreadsheet.

Here is an example of a workflow that both writes data and renders to an excel file.  Renders first then writes second.  Check it out and see if it may be useful.


However, if you have an Excel file that has all sorts of formatting in it, and you simply want to add another sheet (formatted table through render tool), this will be hard to do.

I'd say you may be better off creating a sheet in excel with formatted headers in it, write the data to a Data sheet in your Excel file, then have that data read into the formatted sheet.


Yeah I wanted to spit out an output file with multiple tabs (with one of the tab consisting the formatted table) and other tabs consists of data with different formats, but its not so easy like you say


How would I go about creating a sheet with formatted headers and input & read the data to get the desired table because I can only think of Table tool which I've used however again it will go back to the original issue.


Can you show a sample workflow?