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SharePoint List Output not extracting all the records from the view


Hi All, 


I am trying to extract a SharePoint list, When I use the SP list output I get data in which couple of columns are entirely null 

When i compare them with the exported version of SharePoint list i.e. by manually clicking on the button "export to excel" I find values on those columns. 

 Why am I not getting the same data when extracted via Alteryx

Am I missing anything


Hi @Manjari_T !


If you add a browse tool right after the SP input, can you see the same data as in your excel export ?


Thank you in advance,



John Gonggrijp-Dowe
Customer Support Engineer

Hi @JohnGD,


I get the Same number of records and columns in the browse tool as that of the excel export, but data in the columns are missing


Hi @Manjari_T,


Could you send an email to with the following :


- Version of Alteryx

- Version of Sharepoint

- Configuration of the SP input tool

- Number of records read through

- sample data and workflow to reproduce


These will allow us to troubleshoot further.


Thank you in advance.

John Gonggrijp-Dowe
Customer Support Engineer

I am having the same issue.  It's missing data in two of the columns (Created By and Modified By) from the SharePoint List in the alteryx workflow so both columns are empty. 


In SharePoint site where you can view the list directly, the columns have values (the person's full name in last name, first name format) but they are a clickable link for sending IM text or calling their phone via Skype. 


Is there a workaround for this?  So alteryx will pull in the values correctly for those columns...