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SharePoint LIst input selecting a new view

6 - Meteoroid

When I am using the SharePoint List input connector it will only run when the Default view is selected.  I am able to chagne the view using the drop down list but as soon as I click outside the connector then it changes back to the default view.   As you can see by the picture I have the options to choose other ones, but as soon as I click run it changes back to "Default"



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Nate:


My guess is that each time you run etc the list of views is getting refreshed and therefore it is resetting it. So this is purely a workaround but you could create a macro with the sharepoint connector embedded as follows:



1) where one is a list of your views that you manually type (not ideal but this should work), put the view you want first and set the default selection to the view you want




2) Set the action to Update Value and select the List value, in my screen shot it looks sort of blank because I have not filled out my sharepoint connector but yours should show your view selection next to the view object in the value select tree:


3) Make sure that your sharepoint is properly configured and you do not change it after setting the action (i.e. the target value select sometimes changes if you alter the target tool), as you can see my actions a little odd because i do not have the connector filled out (I would just use the default view setting since the macro will be changing the view setting):



4) Make sure you add a macro out to send the results back into your workflow.


5) Save as a standard macro.


6) Open a new workflow, right click on the canvas and select Insert and go all the way to the bottom of the list to Insert Macro.


7) Locate the macro you just saved and then add a browse and run.


I definately consider this a workaround but let me know if it fixes your issue