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Sequential colouring of Polygons by using Tiles

9 - Comet

Hello Alteryx Community:


I'm hoping to use a set of colours which can create the effect of a proper 'heat' map from cool (blue) to hot (red). 


The key thing is to create the inflection of colours depending on the tiling, i have a range of 1-65 and i want 1 to be cool blue and 65 to be super hot. 


I've almost done it but wouldn't mind the perfect colouring scale to calculate according to how many tiles I have. I could have 65 tiles but something more sensible would be 15. 


Any thoughts appreciated. 


p.s. 10 points to anyone who can work out what the density mapping shows?







Hi @CiaranA,


Can you include a sample of your data and/or workflow so we can take a look ?


You should be able to set the theming on the report map tool to 'manual Tile' to set the categories as desired.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx