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Scheduler log is trimmed to 10 lines

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I hope this is a quick fix - seems like there must be some setting that we just need to tweak...

Our scheduler's Output log file in Alteryx is only showing the first 10 rows, as you can see in the attachment. However - emailing the log through the Events' rule emails complete log - so it is clearly saved somewhere.

Question: I wonder if anyone would know what setting will make Scheduler's Output window show all lines from the log.

FYI - we are using Alteryx 10.6.6



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Click on the 0 Files and then back on the all. That should fix it. I'll edit this post once i find the article that explained this so I can link it.


UPDATE: It was part of the known issues on the http://downloads.alteryx.com/# page for the designer:


  • The Output window for scheduled workflows (Options > View Schedules > Results tab > + sign > Output) does not refresh properly – initially, some messages may be missing, and the message filters will all show "0". As a workaround, click any message filter button (e.g., Errors, Warnings), and then click the All button. All messages will then be shown.
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That solves it! Thank you! 🙂

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Our shop noticed this issue as well following our recent upgrade to 10.6.  Glad to find it's already been noted and logged.  Is there and ETA for when a fix will be available?


Thanks, Jim