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Run Command Tool Error



I am getting the C:\program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd.exe" returned an error code:2 Cancelled by properties setting when ever i use run command or even calling from Macro.

All the other workflows with out using run command works fine. 

Please let me know what to check as my many workflows got impacted. 






@pulletivijaya Error code 2 is a file not found error indicating that the specified file passed to that application or script wasn't found by the system.  With the Run Command tool this can occur for a number of different reasons most of which are related to the tools configuration. I would start by checking the tools configuration to ensure the application or script you are calling is properly defined, and that any parameter or arguments you are passing are also correct. Any arguments/parameters passed specifying a file should contain the full path to the file, and not use mapped drive letters. If the path contains spaces you will also need to quote the path so the space is passed properly. If after checking these recommendation you still are encountering the issue you can further test this by running the command or script manually from a command line. Doing so may give you more information on the error you are encountering.