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Regression with ordinal variables


Hi community,


Fairly simple question. I have a variable that I am trying to regress, and it's divided into "low", "medium", "high" etc. When I enter it into the regression as a string, the coefficients don't match the intended order (e.g., "medium" is higher than "medium-high"). How do I specify an order to this variable?


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Hi @black_adder ,


You can order your variables with levels when you define that field. For example,solution.png



Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to implement this. I am not "declaring" the variable in R per se, I'm importing it from an excel file, so it's in my datastream already.

Would you plug this into a formula tool?



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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @black_adder ,


Te variables are being ordered alphabetically. The simplest solution would be to create an if statement editing them.


For example


IF [Coefficient] = "high" THEN "3 high" ELSEIF [Coefficient] = "medium" THEN "2 medium" ELSE "1 low" ENDIF