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Need a quick simple regex_match solution

  1. E
  2. L,D,D
  3. H
  4. A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A


need 2 and 3 to be "False" and 1 and 4 to be "True".  Having some issue with the ","


if REGEX_Match([TEST],'A-D') then "True" else "False" endif

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @TrucT_experian 


Could you please give us more details on what your desired output is?


Do you need to flag records that contain only letters from A to D? Is that what you need?



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Alteryx Certified Partner
How about contains?

Contains([test],"A") OR
Contains([test],"B") OR
Contains([test],"C") OR


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17 - Castor

Hi @TrucT_experian 


This one will match your criteria

if REGEX_Match([TEST],'.*[A-D].*') then "True" else "False" endif



This is an interesting case.  It appears that regex_match and regex_replace act in slightly different ways.  Here's the test I set up 




First formula is the original.  The second, a replace using the same regex as the first. The 3rd one expands the expression to match the entire field.


And here are the results




If appears that Regex_Match has to match the entire field in order to return true, whereas Regex_replace acts on any part of the field.