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Refresh a tableau Workbook with alteryx

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I am wondering if it was possible to refresh tableau workbooks. the data is an extract and i simply want alteryx to refresh the workbook and NOT publish it when complete. Is this possible using alteryx?


I am currently using TWBX file type.

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Your workbook would have to be a .twb file, then it's simply a case of finding where the extract file is saved too, which spuld be farily straight forward and writing over that file using the output data tool.

Then reopen your workbook and the data will have refreshed.

If you wish to make a copy of the workbook which points at the new datasource then you would have to write your .tde file wherever you like and then read in your twb file and smmenf which file it is pointing too, before writing it back out.

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Thank you for the response. I discovered another community post regarding publishing and is there a resource for the command argument to place into the alteryx event, for future reference?


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Hi guys can anyone assist me


I am trying to create a workflow that will update my dashboard data source when the workflow is run, I’m not sure what I am doing wrong but instead of updating the dashboard it just uploads the data source to the tableau server


Is project name the name of the dashboard?


The data source name is also confusing me, what if the file name changes every month?  e.g.  Data Nov 2019, Data Dec 2019



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Coming to your point, .twbx file keeps your extract in temporary directory under your current folder when you keep that file. Now, when you run the alteryx workflow it can overwrite your existing .tde file but that will not change the content of your .twbx files. You need to manually link/refresh the data source.