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Publish to Tableau Server - Empty Project List




I tried searching the community for this issue, but wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for.


I'm trying to use the Publish to Tableau Server connector (v2) to publish TDE's to our Tableau Server.  I've setup a service account within Tableau that has publishing rights to the Project I want to publish to.  However, when trying to configure the tool for use with Tableau Server 2019.2, the project list only shows the Tableau Samples project, not the list of projects the user has publish access to. 


If I switch the login info to a Server Administrator, I can see all the projects on the server.  And, if I change the owner of the desired project to my service account, it will appear in the list.


When using the tool with Tableau Server 2019.1, the tool will show me the list of projects the ID has publish access to, regardless if the user is the project owner.


Has anyone experienced this issue before?


This seems to be a Tableau Server permission issue, not Alteryx.  


@mse139 The permission is set up by the tableau admin. If the user has access to the project, it will appear in the connector. The connector is using the tableau API to grab those permission. If the project Id/list do not populate, then i would ask the Tableau Server admin to make sure that owner has the proper security permissions. 


@DiganP.  Thank's for the reply.  I'm one of the Tableau Server admins and I'm seeing some strange permissions behavior in Tableau.  When setting permissions for a group in a project, they aren't being cascaded to the users in the group.  I've opened a case with Tableau.