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Problems with VBA - Designer x Server



I build a workflow to download content from a page. For this, I write a VBA script that go to this page and imports the content from a specific table and a VBScript to start the VBA macro.

When a run this workflow on Alteryx Designer, the workflow run with success. However, the idea is schedule this workflow on my Gallery. 

I have been doing some tests, but I can't  solve this. 


Thanks in advance


Alteryx Partner

Hello @VitorRoque_52 ,


When you say you can't  solve it, could you specify the error you are getting? With so little information there is not much to do.


Anyways, I think the error you are getting is given that you don't have office installed on your machine. You need the office package on your server to be able to manage and process VBA scripts on it.


Kind regards


Hi @VitorRoque_52 


By default the Alteryx server restricts workflows that use the Run command as potentially unsafe.  You or your gallery administrator can override this setting.  Check out this thread for details