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Problem with Rendel Tool in Gallery


Hi everyone!

I have this problem when I run my analytic App in Gallery:


The problem is in Render Tool, Is the correct configuration?rens.PNGweee.PNG



Your Render Tool configuration looks correct.


When you publish your app to the Gallery, are you making sure that the Render output xlsx file is NOT ticked to ensure that it doesn't try and use the local file path?


How can check if  the file is not ticked?


Sorry, I don't have access to Server to show you an example. Have a look at this post from @patrick_digan  (the solution) to see how to do it.

@DMagallan It looks like your app is replacing "feedback.xlsx" with "789.xlsx|Table1"? I looked at it real quick, but I don't think you can specify a sheet name (Table1) like that in the render tool.