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Possible a Macro to automatically filter rows and select fields ?

7 - Meteor



I have a workflow that would run a series of data validations and then output the rows that failed each validation to a separate tab in an Excel report. The workflow for each check is similar, I filter on the rows that failed the check, and then select the relevant fields that related to that check (will be different for each check), add a "TabName" field that equals to the name of the check, and then output the Tab to the excel file. The problem with this is that I have over 100 data validations that I have to run, so I have to manually create each workflow, which is also opening the workflows up for errors.


I wonder if its possible to make a excel sheet with 2 fields, Check_Name and Selected_ Fields like this


Check_Name, Selected_Fields

Check_1, Field1

Check_1, Field2

Check_2, Field1

Check_2, Field3


and then have build an macro to parse through the excel spreadsheet to replicate the workflow? 




17 - Castor

An iteration macro should be a good fit for this task.
I Just "imagined" some data since there is no sample data provided.