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Passed Core Designer Exam!


Hello Everyone,


I just want to share my past experience with Alteryx.


I started using Alteryx tool first time at around June 2018. I am working with a non-profit org in NYC as an Intern.The major task they gave me is to analyse there all database within legacy ecosystems (this includes Filemaker Db, MS-SQL Server, Multiple Excel sheets ,Salesforce CRM, Google Spread sheets etc). Basically, They were facing a strong visibility issue within there legacy systems (having multiple db's around all different platforms) being an intern I just started using Alteryx (Thanks to Alteryx for Student License :p) and tried to integrate all there Dbs. Did lots of operation to bring all unique data in single platform, Built workflows and used many fuzzy matching criteria , logic's and finally I could present a unique set of data having around 55K-60K records in front of business.This set of database was considered as a Master Database and now we have migrated this into Saleforce CRM.


This encouraged me to do certification and yes I passed my "Core Certification" Exam after few attempts last night with 88.3%.


Before last night's attempt, my scores averaged around 75.2% and stagnated at that percentage until I continuously looked to see where I was having trouble.

Now, Looking forward to get my pdf version of certificate and next target is to crack Advanced Designer exam within coming months.


Last, I just want to say thank you to Alteryx Team and founders for bringing such a diverse tool in the field of Data Science. Even my collage professor's are also considering this as a key and powerful tool in the area of Data Science specifically in predictive analysis.




CONGRATULATIONS @Himanshu91 !!! Wonderful accomplishment. 

One word of advice for the advanced exam - leave plenty of time for the practical exercises at the end. It's definitely challenging, but also quite achievable. If you've not done so already, start working your way through the Weekly Challenges in the Academy section. They're, in my opinion, the best preparation tools.




Thanks @EstherB47 !


Congrats @Himanshu91!!! Excellent job! There are some great study materials that helped me in the Interactive lessons section of the academy and the weekly challenges definitely help to. The link is here: