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Parse Error

8 - Asteroid

I have created a workflow that works. However, ever 1 in 4 runs or so I will run into a Parse Error at the filter tool. I'm not sure how to resolve it as the workflow runs properly a majority of the times. Please help!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Is there a cross tab tool?

Are you connecting to web data?

I think we need to know more about the workflow to help you diagnose the issue!

8 - Asteroid

Hi Ben,


Thanks for your reply! 


1) What is a cross tab tool?

2) We are not connecting to web data.


I ran the workflow several more times and I think the issue is with our Multi-Row Formula tool. We have written the formula below to find the row with "Investment" in it and from there on the FoundStart column will label the corresponding records as True so we can eliminate excess rows at the top of our file. The problem seems to occur when the excess rows are also labeled as True in the FoundStart column. I am not sure why that occurs. Also, it's concerning that the workflow works fine for a few runs then we get the error and then we run it again and then it's fine. The error does not seem consistent. Thank you!


IF StartsWith([F2], "Investment")
ELSE [Row-1:FoundStart]