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Output to Excel: Multiple Sheets in one workbook, with different columns on each sheet.


See the attached. Notice the two tabs in excel have null columns that should not be there (the union puts them there from the other input data).


I've tried to manufacture some elaborate controls with 'block until done' and 'sample' tools, with varying degrees of success, ultimately introducing other issues, so I'm hoping others may have a better idea. Thanks!




Do you have a large number of sheets to create? If you keep the workstreams separate, it seems to work they way you want it to.





I agree your solution works for this demo. I need to revisit my real workflow which is much more complicated, and try this method again. I want to say that I tried this, and there were issues with Alteryx trying to run more than one output tool at a time, and so one worksheet would get written, and the other would error. However, I need to go back and review that workflow to see how similar the concept was to our basic demo shown here.


At one point I wanted to write out the first tab using the 'Overwrite File (Remove)' option in the output tool, instead of the 'Overwrite Sheet (Drop)' option. In this way, if one of the tabs does not have output to write, the workbook will not have that tab (as opposed to having information in that tab from the prior run). A workaround to this may be to generate a unique output file name for every run of the workflow (I.E. not re-using an output file), perhaps by incorporating a date and time in to the filename, and then just always using the 'Overwrite Sheet (Drop)' option for every worksheet to write out to the workbook.


I will try these ideas in my workflow and reply here once I've had a chance to do that. Thanks!