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Opening Multiple Workflows at Once


I have 6 different workflows that are saved and related to each other in order of completion.  I have to open each workflow individually once the previous has been completed.  I am wanting to open one workflow with all 6 in 6 different tabs.  It would help since I hate opening each one and this would be a little easier if I could open Alteryx once and have all my tabs ready for me to run. 



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You might try putting all 6 workflows into individual tool containers and have them all in the same workflow.  Then just disable the ones you don't want running.


I do like the idea of having a "work book" of workflows to keep related flows together.  That would enable a way to set events that would automatically kick of the next after one finishes successfully...and keep the related flows all together.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Another option to open them all in the same alteryx instance if that is what you are talking about, is to drag the yxmd file onto the canvas to open the module with that instance rather than a new one.


If you are wanting an easier way to kick one module off after another, then I suggest checking out the Runner macros in the CReW Macro Pack. However, Gene's suggestion of putting them all on one canvas in containers will also provide some additional interconnectability.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Another option would be to save each file as an Analytic App then in the Interface designer configure the next workflow app to run on completion.


This would also mean you don't actually have to open the entire workflows, you can just run the app (this can be done either on server or on your local machine)


 Analytic app configuration.jpg


Yep, I use the runner macros for this purpose in several projects. Works great!


This is educational for me! I'm going to experiement more...