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Multi-Tab and Multi-Excel File into one Excel FIle with Same Tabs

I'm trying to create a workflow that takes multiple Excel files, each with the same tab names and schema (same column headers in first row different number of rows below), and combines them into one excel file that has the exact same tabs and schema. 


The use case is I have to collate ~20 excel reports each week from different groups reporting on their specific projects, and then run the combined file through a Tableau visualization.  I have found a number of ways to combine all the files and all the tabs into a large data set, but none that I saw kept the tab formatting the same - and I am trying to avoid messing with the the Tableau file which needs the tab info the way it is.  


Essentially I am looking for this:, but where the files have the same tab names and the output maintains the tabs instead of creating one table


Any help would be appreciated!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

On the output item change the following:

 -Output options: Create new sheet name

 -Select the check box located down, "Take File/Table Name From Field" and in the drop down menu "Change File/Table Name"

 -Specify then the field containing the data which you want to parse