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Modify R Script from Interface Tool


Hi all,


I am trying to modify an R-script in the R tool through a Text Box interface tool. My hope is to dynamically change an equation in the code without having to interact with the different tiles. Does anyone have any experience with Interface Tool/R Tool integrations, or have thoughts on the best way to go about doing this?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
If you have had exposure to apps and macros previously this is relatively straight forward, if you havnt, I suggest doing the weekly challenges around apps/macros to give you some background first.

There are many examples, here is a link to one I have created myself...!app/Image-Input/5a0da7edf499c708d037ce1e

Meanwhile almost all of the predictive tools are built in a similar fashion too, you can look at how they have been built by bringing one onto the canvas and hitting 'open macro'