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8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


I am facing an issue of macro.


I am having a workflow which have a macro in it.


But when I am sending this workflow to my colleague then the machine is getting my PC path of macro.


Where as I am using "./" as a macro path and I am sending the whole folder in a zip file.


But still my colleague is getting my machine path address. 

15 - Aurora

The best pratice so far we know is 

1. save the macro in the same folder of your workflow

2. Use insert option to add the macro to your workflow.

3. Export the workflow as package.


8 - Asteroid

I am having an analytic app workflow and under that folder i have created a macro folder where all the macros are present.


Is this fine or i have to keep my workflow and macro in a single folder

15 - Aurora

My experience is that they have to be in the same folder.
Actually this is better for any future maitenance.

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Qiu  i want my colleague to access only the app which is been created and not the macros.


They should only run the app and give the input and output path and get the results.


But when they are opening then macro error are popping up for path not found

15 - Aurora

User will need the macro anyway in order for the workflow to run.

If you want to prevent from user to modify the workflow, you can use the Lock Option.

Note make a copy before lock. Once you lock you can not unlock it.


8 - Asteroid

hi @Qiu thanks for your idea,


if i lock the workflow or encrypt the workflow and if i use package then does it resolve the issue of missing or inaccessible?

15 - Aurora

Like I said, the macro is an integral part of your workflow.

Maybe someone else have better idea, but for me.

save the macro in the same folder of workflow would be the best practice.