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Macro is input 2 years data and cleanse it

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Friends!


Attached is the file for input and output.


I have never built a macro before. Need some assistance on the same. I have built the attached workflow.

Which cleanses the data well. But i need to input about 2 years of data. Which needs to be a macro. 

Attached is the workflow and also the input/output file.


Please assist. Thank you in advance!







In order to convert this into a macro you just need to change the input data tool to a macro input, and change the final browse tool to a macro output. 


It would be logical to try and create the macro to be very dynamic so regardless of the data that comes in, it will do the same job.  At the moment it is hard coded to skip 3 lines, I have given the macro an interface so that you are able to change this value.


Create a folder on your machine called 'Macros' and save all your macros in there, it will make it considerably easier to find them going forwards.  To add to a workflow, right click on the canvas, insert, macros.