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Login to JANUS account and fetch a web query


Hi Team,

We have been asked to connect to our web services to pull the data.

Step1: Login to the JANUS Account (FID)

Step2: Paste the Web query in the JANUS session and get the JSON data.

I am able to login to the JANUS Account using the Download tool, but when i send the web query url in the next download tool, i am getting an unauthorized error. I have checked all my credentials and it looks fine. When I pull the Authentication cookie (manually from the browser) and pass that to my download tool, it would pull the data.

Can someone help me so that i don't have to manually pull the authentication cookie from the browser and then run my workflow?

I have read through a variety of articles on REST connector but no luck.

Any help is welcome.


Hardik Kanabar


Hi @hardikkanabar 


You mentioned that you are able to login to the JANUS Account using the Download tool. Does the session cookie happen to show up in the "DownloadHeaders" column? I haven't worked with JANUS before, but I would check to see if your session cookie shows up there. If it does, it is just a matter of parsing it out (possibly using a RegEx tool) and then passing it into the next Download tool for your subsequent API call. 

Hi @BrandonB


I just realised your response. The Download Headers column does happen to have the session cookies and now i able to parse it as well. This was a great learning.