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Limiting a dropdown based on the current gallery users' credentials


I have been experimenting with getting the current user's credentials from the Alteryx mongoDB and was hoping to be able to use this to filter a list of databases which the user can access.  


It seems that this is not possible to do because of the order of operations loading the app.  


Does anyone know another way to achieve this?


My understanding is that the gallery is run under the Alteryx Service account by default, which is needed to provide the elevated privileges to run components such as PowerShell, so not sure if running under the current users credentials is an option.....


Any guidance would be much appreciated.







Hi @OverSQL,


Thanks for your question! It sounds like you want to run a process first (to determine with which values to populate the drop-down) and would then like to show the drop-down. To do this, you will need to create a "chained app", training video here.  


Do you think this could work for you?




Thanks for your (very swift) response!


This could be the approach to use so will give it a go.  Do you know how it handles concurrency, i.e. if multiple users are generating potentially different data sets at the same time.  Could this not lead to inconsistent results used in the second app?