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Issues with excel file reading when the workflow was working previously

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I have a workflow that reads in an multiple  excel files.  I am a newbie so nothing complex . when the workflow reads the file it consolidates the data and transfers it in db2 (Iseries) . My issue is it works fine today. tomorrow when i start running the workflow for the first time it gives me error saying file not found. I then click on path and reconnect. (nothing different just same file I choose again. ) if I do it even for one file automatically everything starts working fine.

I want to schedule this workflow but with this error I am unable to. why it is giving me this error?

files are opened and used by someone else and we just collect the data at the end of the day. 

Please can someone help?

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Is the file saved on a network drive? It may just require reconnecting and that could be causing the problem. There is a reconnect setting on the drive make sure to check that. Try using the files locally on your desktop and if the issue is re-created.