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Issue with one of the questions on the Core Certification exam


At Inspire 2018 last week, I took the Core Certification Prep course as well as the exam.


For those who are wondering -  my machine froze for about 20 minutes just after halfway through the 2 hours...


I finished with about 20 seconds left, not enough time to go back and review the questions I purposely skipped or guessed at with the intention of going back... about 10 in total that I planned to revisit.


I scored 79.6!  Grrrr.... so close.


In any case, I am taking it again this afternoon... wish me luck!


Back to the point: during the prep a sample test question was discussed in which the question was about where the output .yxdb file will be written when the path is defined as:




It was stated that:


1 - if the workflow is not yet saved, then attempting to run it will result in an error with this path\file setting.


2 - otherwise, it will save in the same folder as the workflow is saved in


Item 1 is not correct. When I built a workflow to test this, when I ran it prior to saving it there was no error message and the output file was saved in the Alteryx Bin folder:












The available answers should reflect this (multiple answers), or a clarification added to the question to indicate workflow save status.








Good luck! Let us know how you fared.


I suspect that you would be best to post a comment to the Support folks so they can get this to the right people to fix the exam.





Great, will do - thanks!


I passed!


Before, I was certifiable... Now I'm certified! Lol






I'm working on the core certification exam, I have gotten a 79% and 79.2% I have a few questions on the exam can I ask you your opinions on a few questions over email? My email is


Thank you in advance if you can help!!!!




Not a problem. I'll reach out to you shortly at the address provided from my email.


Talk to you soon.



How do you suggest right answer to your own question - Where will unsaved file get saved in this case?


Hi Beth!

I too am stuck at 78 and 78.5%. I am assuming you cleared the exam since its been a while since you posted this message. If you have time to spare kindly guide me! I am dropping a mail with the ID: