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Interface in container

6 - Meteoroid

I have a section of my workflow in a container which starts with 2 file browses.  I tried to use a check box and action tool to enable/disable this container but this won't work if I try to disable it because of the file browses.  I've been trying to use the detour tool to stop this feeding into the rest of the workflow but again this doesn't work properly if I'm wanting to stop it - the file isn't outputted at the end of the workflow but it runs without errors.


Ideally I'd like to not even have to input any files if I have the check box ticked (or whatever, basically if the user of the app decides between the two options to run or not run this section), but if this is not possible it won't really matter if I can stop it joining into the rest of the workflow if it's disabled.


Alteryx container.jpgAlteryx detour.jpg


Thanks in advance,

- Winnie

12 - Quasar


i think you need to arrange it in Interface designer . something like below 



PFA sample which may help you


Edited : Updated the package

6 - Meteoroid