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Importing excel file data into a file in tableau contains a map of a city


Hi all,


I would like to ask you now I have 2 files one is an excel file which contains a districts names of a city and other data and the another file is a tableau file contains a map of a city which the districts name in the other file. I want to import the excel file into the tableau file which contains the data to see the data in the map. I hope it's clear.


I couldn't download the tableau file here


Hey @Feras95p ,


Sounds like you'd like to be able to input a Tableau .tde or .hyper file into Alteryx in order to join it with your Excel data.  Until very recently this wasn't possible, as Tableau did not allow any external software products to read their proprietary data formats.


However you're in luck as it's a feature that will soon be coming! Tableau announced at its conference last week that Alteryx will be a launch partner of the new Tableau Hyper API. This will allow Alteryx to read in Tableau .hyper files and manipulate them just like any other data source.  So be on the look out for a new version of Alteryx that can make your task easy.


Let me know if you have any other questions!