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(IN/OUT) select tool # (IN-DB) select in-DB --> limitation on max number of fields ?

5 - Atom

Is there a limitation on the number of fields in the incoming database (SAP Hana) to display all the fields in the tools - select tool - or - select in -DB.  In both tools I end up with only the *Unknown field. There should be hundreds of fields to select from.



Alteryx Partner

Not that I am aware of, how are you currently connecting today? Are you using the IN-DB connection? Have you been able to connect before to a different table in HANA? 

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hello @JeroenL  I don't think there is a limitation.


Every time in order to see the fields you will have to run the workflow once or the only other issue I can think of is alteryx was unable to read that specific table (possibly access issue).


Have you tried writing a query to select just 2-5 columns to ensure that it is reading the limited number of fields but not in hundreds?