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How to web scrape from a URL behind a login?


I know how to scrape data from a web page by creating a string to run in the "Download" tool. However, I do not know how to access a web page behind a login screen.


Any help is appreciated! Please let me know if I need to be more clear.


Hey @jedwards543,


I've not managed to do this with Alteryx - where there's a login involved, we've resorted to building an AutoHotkey script to login and save down the page first, and then Alteryx to scrape it.


@SophiaF - would you mind passing this one on to the folk who work closely with the Download tool at Alteryx?


If the URL redirects to a web form for login then this is not currently supported. If it's something you'd like to see added to the product you can post a feature request in the Idea section on the Community.


Is there any way to log in this other redirected web then go back to the original web and download the data?


You can use the Inspect feature of your browser to look at the network traffic when you log in. Then you can sometimes see what data the form is passing to perform the login and rebuild that information in Alteryx. This usually requires multiple download tools because the form will return some kind of token or cookie that's used to authenticate the rest of the session.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer