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How to format Reports ?






Here are is few format issues while generating reports.


1) In my report, some columns are splitting into two rows, but not all,  even with the different table widths.  Is there any alternative to fix this issue by either split every column data into two rows in the consistent format.  I tried to place special character in column data( '\n' , '\t' etc) , but no luck.


2) Can we change the horizontal label angles? It would be good  if we can align names without rotation. 


3) The date columns names in the above table are dynamically generated based on user input.  Here the dates are converting into underscores.  Even if I change the format using formula tool, the '-'  and '/' is converting into '_'.  Is it possible to have valid date formats as column names? 




Alteryx Certified Partner

1) Based on the example you provided, the strings are slightly different lengths based on the "pass/fail". The characters in "pass" are slightly wider than those in "fail". Using a monospace font (like Courier) would give both values a common length to help in this formatting process.


The Table tool can set column widths in 3 different ways (auto/percentage/fixed). In the screenshot you provided, it appears to be auto, which will use the column title to set the width. If these commonly formatted date fields are the only ones with width concerns, the auto width setting should be workable with a monospace font mentioned above.


2) I don't believe there is a way to adjust the label angle in the Charting tool. An alternative option would be to create the graph using the R tool in Alteryx which would provide you with that label control. 


3) The Table and Render tools should not replace those punctuation characters ("-","/") with an underscore. This character conversion likely occurs in the workflow before the data reaches those tools. This is a common result of the Cross Tab tool.


If this is the case, a Dynamic Rename tool before the table tool can easily replace the underscores with another character of your preference. In the Dynamic Rename tool, use the formula rename mode, select the appropriate/dynamic field box, and use the formula replace([_CurrentField_],"_","-"). 


Hi anil_m,


In regard to " \n " to get a forced carriage return, please star my post.  The more stars, the greater likelihood they'll implement the idea.  This has been a pet peeve of mine as well.