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Help Finding Source File, Imported Multiple Files Uncertain which one lacks ID



I have a workflow that essentially summarizes data from multiple excel files. 

IDs are used to track data from each separate program. 


However, encountered a situation where one data row is correctly summarized but missing an ID. 

Thus, workflow considers missing ID as null data.


How can I find which file name the data was imported from?


I want to open the source file to add ID data since it is missing. Otherwise might have to open 100 plus files to find the source file with no ID data. 


Browse view after summarize. 




Thanks for any tips.



I have had similar issues building workflows.  I usually create a "source" column on each of the input streams to help trace problems downstream back to the source files.  Another option is to toggle the include filepath checkbox in the input tool.  Hope that helps!





Good idea.

Did you create a column prior to inputting into Alteryx or use formula to create a "source" column name with Alteryx? 


While I can not rewind the clock. Using brute force to find problem file.

Just divided my file list into two folder. Ran model twice on two folders. The missing data file is either in one of two folders.

Should eventually be able to locate folder.


I would use the formula tool after the input tool, create a new column named Source, then just use text to give it a name "File 1", etc.  If you have a lot of files you're working with it may be easier to just toggle the filepath checkbox in the input tool.