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Google Analytics Custom dimension data

6 - Meteoroid

I am having the exact same issue. The proposed work-around did not work for me, any other solutions?

6 - Meteoroid



I got the same issue a while ago and could not find a solution.

After some research and digging in the GA connector I found the issue. There is an error in a formula in the supporting macro which is used to retrieve the GA parameters.


Here is how I corrected it :


1) Open the macro (something like : "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Macros\Supporting_Macros\GoogleAnalytics.Retrieve_Custom_Parameters_v9.yxmc")

2) Go to the 2nd formula tool from the input (7th tool in total)

3) Replace the expression for 'JSON_Name3' by : IIF(IsEmpty([JSON_Name3]), -3-[JSON_Name1]-[JSON_Name2], [JSON_Name3])

4) Save it and you should be OK



8 - Asteroid

Hi Reupiey,


I tried your solution and it worked perfect! Finally more custom dimensions and metrics are imported into Alteryx. There were a few issues I still had afterwards. The dimensions box was empty with a red warning:


- Invalid line argument in at line XXX : This means there is an ä ë or anything with an apostrophe in your XML file. You can go to: 

C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\Macros\Supporting_Macros and open the dimensions or profile XML and remove those characters. 


- All my dimensions were replaced with ga:dimensionX{STANDARD}. The {STANDARD} behind the dimenion was added everywhere and would result in an error. Just Ctrl+F and replace all.


Thank you for posting this solution!

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Daniel,


Thank you for your positive feedback, glad to have been able to help you !


Concerning the 'invalid line argument' error, I had this one too and I in fact solved it by modifying the encoding of 'PROFILES.XML' and 'MEASURES.XML' in the macro by UTF-8 (being French, the accents are everywhere, I did not speak about this because I thought you guys were mostly Americans 😉 ).


The dimensions worked well though, even with the ga:dimension{STANDARD}, maybe with the UTF-8 trick you will be able to avoid this.

7 - Meteor

Hi Reupiey,


When I tried to save the change, it says "This file is set to read-only" can I save it as different name and it still picks it up? Or is there a way to modify "read-only" access?




6 - Meteoroid

Hi Angela,


I got the same issue too, you need to make sure you have read and write permissions on your 'bin' folder, you need to be administrator to do that, or contact your IT (sorry for the french version but you can find how to do that on Google if I am not clear enough) :



7 - Meteor

Thank you Reupiey, I was able to solve this one 🙂




5 - Atom

Unfortunately none of the solutions worked for me. I ended up overwriting the DatePicker formulas in the macro, saving it to a different name, then inserting the modified macro into a workflow and manually filling in the interface as in the 2nd screenshot,


Obviously, there is a bug in the tool interface that is causing the dropdown to omit the custom dimensions. So my workaround was to bypass the interface.