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Find and Replace "override"

5 - Atom

Hi community!


I have a static text input tile of job title keywords that are associated with a specific department and arranged by priority. When I upload an Excel file to label new titles, I use find and replace to properly place them in the right department. Example:


supportContact Center
customerContact Center
product managerEngineering & Dev


It is to my understanding that Find and Replace looks at the words in the Excel file and labels them according to the keyword it sees first. But the thing is, I want it to be labeled based on the priority like above. So "Systems Administrator Network Support" should be in Contact Center instead of IT.


Is there a way to make Find and Replace behave this way or is there a different way I could go about this?


I'm open to any suggestions.


Thank you so much! 😄

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @doypadilla ,


a solution could be to use the Append Fields tool to add all records (= all possible assignments). The first record containing the keyword should be the right department. I've attached a sample workflow. Let me know if it works for you.





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Hi RolandSchubert.


Thanks for your help! I opted to use formula instead as I don't want to flag any keyword and remove them. But your workflow gave me ideas on a whole different topic.


Thanks again!