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Filter Macro


Can someone help identify why my macro is not working? I'm trying to create a filter macro that allows the user to select a company/companies and the macro will filter for that

company/companies and pushes the data related to those companies to the output file.


Filter Macro.JPGFilter Macro 2.JPGFilter Macro 3.JPGFilter Macro 4.JPG


Tough to tell without the source data, but in your action tool your Replace a specific string is surrounded by parenthesis and should not be.


What source data are you looking for? I've attached the macro file.


Oh, now I see why your action properties had parenthesis, you had the "Expression-value=" selected in the update properties, you need to expand the simple and operands trees and choose "Operand-value=" as the field you want to update.  I just wrote an text input to replace the incoming macro to test the workflow.


I am going to try again here, sorry still new to this too! You can change the List Box to "Generate Custom List" and then change your filter to a custom filter with "[Company] in ("23rd Street Investments, Inc.")".  I had to change the workflow to a Analytics App to test it.


Thanks for your help with this! The macro is working but it seems to only pull information for one company (the 1st company) even if multiple company is selected.


That is weird, when I test the workflow I attached it worked for multiple and different companies on my local machine.


Hi @Ptran86 ,


A few things. When I opened your macro, it was coming in as a batch macro. This should be a standard macro. So, click anywhere on the workspace that's not a tool, and in the configuration window, workflow tab, ensure that it's a standard macro.


If you want multiple options, then your filter needs to use an "in" comparison. [Company] in ("company name 1","company name 2") etc.


Configure the list box tool to "Generate Custom List", with start and end markers as double quotes, and separator as ","



Configure the action tool to change just the string of companies. Easiest to dig under Filter - Simple - Operands - and then the value


Also updated the macro so that it actually pulls the list of companies from the input file, looking for unique values and generating a list from that. The List Box tool can use information from an incoming tool rather than typing, but the key is that it reads column headings to read into the list.


Anyway, please try this out and see if it works for you.




Thanks for the help! I did some tweak to your wf and was able to get it to work perfectly