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File in output tool not fetching all data


I finished my flow and i'm trying to get the data from my input tool to flow into the output tool. When I click the excel ling the output tool provides, it takes me to my excel sheet. I noticed it only pulled over the headers and not the rest of the data that was in the cells. How do I get all of my data to transfer over? Thanks in advance. 


It sounds like something may be wrong with your configuration.


Are you able to upload your results log (the bottom bit of the screen) and your output tool configuration?


Hi @Plewis1 


To check if you have data in the record set that you're sending to the output tool, go into the Canvas tab of the Workflow Configuration and set Connection Progress to "Show".  Run your workflow and look at the results just before your output tool.   the results show the number of records at this point (top number) and the amount of RAM used (Bottom number).  If it shows a non-zero number, like the green one below, there's data available and the issue will be in your output tool.  If it shows "0" like the red box, then there are no rows to output, so you'll end up with just the headers in your excel.   If you have a 0, trace backwards through your flow to find the tool when the number first becomes 0.  That's the tool where your records are blocked and where you should look to fix the issue.







It worked. It was in my configuration and I traced it back and found the issue. I needed to put my connection from the filter tool to the data cleansing tool on the FALSE path not the TRUE path. Thank you both very much.