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Excel table data formatting

5 - Atom

Hello -


Struggling with this one... I am working with the attached excel file RAW DATA tab. Here is what I am trying to accomplish but can't figure out: 


  • Column A includes a data label name (example: cell A13 = Land, A29 = Land - FR FLWTHRU. 
  • Column B includes an account number (example: cell B13 and Cell B29)

I'm trying to get the data label name and account number listed in it's own column. For example, looking at rows 14-26, what I'm trying to figure out is how to get "Land" to show in a new Col. A and Account number (7100090) to show in a new Column B. 


Once that is accomplished I would like to transpose data so that it is in a vertical format. 

  • New Column A per above, would list the data label name (example: Land)
  • New Column B per above, would list the account number (7100090)
  • Column C would list the state name or Subtotal
  • Column D would list the state abbreviation (with Subtotal added next to subtotal items so that these cells are not blank)
  • New Column E = Row 9 identifier
9 - Comet

Hi @bradaba33 


Can you please share the example output in excel? This is doable but I think batch macro would be feasible way of doing that. 

8 - Asteroid

Hi @bradaba33 !


I think you need to pull out the key columns and then transform the data. Please see attached workflow. I wasn't sure how to handle the subtotal/account numbers, so you may need to make minor modifications.