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Excel output without sheet name


Hi - I am trying to create an app where all the user does is select the Output Excel File it needs to write to (save as).  Once selected, they run the app and the workflow creates a specific sheet name (let's call it "Detail Summary").  And if they have to run it again with a new set of data, it should overwrite this "Detail Summary" sheet every time.


How do I go about configuring this without asking the user to type in the sheet name once they select the Output Excel file?  I would like to make this seamless as possible so all the user has to do is just select the excel file to save to.




Hey @cireost 


Is the goal to create a new File, but keep the sheet "Detail Summary" each time?  With an app you can have the user input update just a particular part of the filepath, which would accomplish this. Could also be set to overwrite within the same file if needed.




Thanks.  Is there a way to do it where the user gets to choose the file it writes to?


Basically I have a workbook with a few tabs in there.  And the purpose of the workflow is to add another tab called "Detail Summary."


@cireost  - That's actually what this workflow is doing here.  In this case the Text Input tool is set to update the output, allowing the user to choose which file it is that they're writing to.  Could use the File Browse interface tool similarly.


hmm.  so I added a File Browse tool and then selected 'save as dialog.'  when i run the app, it will asks me for a sheet name, which is what I am trying to avoid.  am i missing something here?




@cireost  You're right, I do believe you're always going to have the Sheet prompt pop-up with the File Browse if selecting an excel sheet.  With the other interface tools like Text Box or Drop-Down you can choose to have just the filename portion of the path replaced, whereas the File Browse selection returns the path in its entirety.


The workaround I could see for this would be to have the File Browse edit a text input upstream to allow the user to enter the filepath, then have the workflow parse out just the FileName which could be used in the output tool.


any chance you help with your workaround as you suggested?  not sure i completely follow.  thanks!