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Error : "has a different schema than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped"


I keep getting the following error when reading a half dozen small Excel workbooks using a Data Input tool set to read *.xlsx from a specific folder. I have checked the Excel worksheets for format differences (header/footer, column headers, hidden columns, etc) and cannot find what is different if anything.  I have even entered the scores from one survey response worksheet to the one that works and renamed/saved - still to no avail.  I'm am definitely pulling my hair out over this one.  


Anyone seen something weird like this occur before?  Thoughts about how to troubleshoot?   I have to process a fairly large number of worksheets in te next day or so. Open to any and all ideas... Thanks.


Warning: Input Data (1): The file "C:\Users\dennispuls\Desktop\Working Documents\XXX\CapMat Survey\XX Cap Mat Responses\R2 - 03.21.2019 - XX IT Capability Maturity Survey_XXX|||`Survey$`" has a different schema than the 1st file in the set and will be skipped

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The schema also looks for changes in field type/size, not just name. That is typically the source of the error you posted. To avoid this error, you could build a batch macro where the control parameter updates an Input tool, rather than using a Dynamic Input tool. 

Thanks I will use the example input macro to see if that solves the problem. I had checked the data types, merged cells, and many other potential schema issues (at least that I perceive as "schema"). I'm assuming row heights, column widths, fonts, cell fills, font colors, etc wouldn't be the issue?

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You could use 2 input data tools loading the  1st file and you file in question and then attach a field info tool to each to compare the fields and datatypes of both. If it's too difficult to compare visually, you can use a join tool to highlight the differences.


This is only if you have a burning curiosity to find the difference. Otherwise, the batch macro route that @CharlieS suggested is the way to go.


I've found that blank columns are defined as doubles by Alteryx. When I put text into them they revert to v_string 255. Blank them out, and back to doubles. Not sure why yet