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Dynamically change the field type based on a config table

6 - Meteoroid

I have a large number of raw files to ingest the data into an SQL database. As each of the tiles is different, would need a way to dynamically change the field type based on a config file (Result from using 'Auto Field' tool is not perfect) . Wondering if it can be done in Alteryx.

* 'data' tab, sample data

* 'config' tab, detail on the required field type 

5 - Atom

Here's a related solution using dynamic select and multi-row formula to change data types.

6 - Meteoroid

That does not work.

In my case, the relationship between the auto-generated field type and the required field type is not constant from one file to another.

The change of the field type needs to map with the config tab to the get required field type.