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Dynamic Input Using Excel with Multiple Sheets

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Hi All - 


I am trying to use a dynamic input tool to pull in the newest Excel file from a directory. The name of the sheet that I want to pull in will always be constant. I am having a tough time with this, as it seems you can't explicitly note which sheet from the Excel file you want to import using the Dynamic Input tool (as File Name doesn't include Sheet Name).

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Does this YouTube video help?






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Not entirely. What I'm seeing here is how to "read" the sheet names from the Excel sheet, but not necessarily how to pick a single sheet to actually import (specifically from .xlsx).


Am I missing something here? 

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@cjct927 - Hopefully this helps:


I'm assuming you're using a directory tool to look for the most recent excel file. Once that file has been identified, you will need to add a formula where you append the sheet name to the filename string.


 path modification.PNG


Connect this to your dynamic input tool, and configure it as follows:

dynamic input.PNG


This will have the input tool read the file at the location you've specified, with the sheet name as well.


Good luck!

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While this thread was from a couple of years ago (exactly 2 years ago, as a matter of fact, LOL) just saved me a TON of time trying to figure out why my workflow was failing.  Last Thursday, someone added a second tab to a daily Excel report last week without telling anyone, so my dynamic input tool was failing because it didn't know which sheet to read.  Before trying to troubleshoot it on my own, I came here to see if anyone else had ever had the same problem.  I was delighted to find that someone did, and that there was a solution. 


The only hiccup that I had was that in @neilgallen's screen shot, I thought the "pipe" ( | ) was actually a "forward slash" ( / ), so it didn't work, at first.  Changing it to a | worked like a charm!


Thanks, Neil!