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Downgrading Alteryx to open workflow

6 - Meteoroid



I received an awesome workflow from user @BenMoss in the Community. However, when I tried to open the workflow in Alteryx, I was notified that I was using an older version. I then attempted to open the workflow via Notepad but the text showed up as a bunch of symbols. I then downloaded Basic Text Editor from the Microsoft Store and when I attempted to open the workflow using the "Basic Text Editor", it wasn't recognized as an app on my computer. Are there any other help/tips anyone can provide that would enable me to open the workflow?

10 - Fireball



You have the R tool already installed in the Alteryx Designer, no need to download anything else.


I found some people trying a workaround of deleting the output connections and connecting them again, could you try that?


If this doesn't solve, I would suggest sending an e-mail to