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Decision Tree output (tree graph)


I have a decision tree, but with the variables (and their values, some categorical, some numeric), the graph view is not clear.  I have found no way to expand the view so the data at the nodes are clear and readable.  Expansion does not "separate" the data.





As you have observed, zooming into or out of the graphic does not change the relative proportions of the various parts of the graph.  What you would have to do is to change the plot parameters. 


Counts.pngCounts.pngNonuniform.png15 point.png

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That works in a pinch, however larger trees (>10 levels) gets overlapping issues even on maximum size (100 inches), where moving leafs just a little up or down would solve it.


I know this is likely an issue from the R library but it can be inconvenient, especially as trees are pretty much the only machine learning output non-technical management can hope to understand.

Also, having uniform graphical output between Rpart and C5.0 would be great as they look very different right now.




Those observations would be great submissions to the Ideas page!  Alteryx encourages you to use the supplied SDKs to customize tools or create new ones (and share them on the Community).