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Date Interface Tool with In-DB filter

8 - Asteroid

Hello Team - 


Here is my situation .. 


From the date interface tool , I am choosing a date . In the 'Action'  conifg  , I select  'Update Value with Formula'  to 

derive  yearmonths ( From & To)  from the date chosen .  

In the In-DB filter tool , I have chosen the  'custom filter'  option . The filter expression  goes like  year_month between 111111 and 999999


My requirement is , if  the user selects  the date 07-APR-2021  from the tool , the filter should have the value  year_month between 202004 and 202103


Please note, my formula for deriving the year months from date is correct . But for some reason , the filter expression is not changing from year_month between 111111 and 999999   to    year_month between 202004 and 202103.

Instead it changes to 0.00000.


Please refer the pictures attached.   Appreciate your help



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

hi @Arun_KV 


In your Action tool, you're using || to concatenate the strings as in 'year_month between '||DateTimeformat(Date...  II is the concat symbol in Oracle but in Alteryx, || is OR.  The action tool runs in an Alteryx context, so it's performing an OR on your text strings.   Replace the || with + which is the concatenate operator in Alteryx