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Conditional Formatting on Dynamic/Unknown Fields in Table Tool

Hi everybody, Here I have a case of formatting dynamic/unknow fields in table tool, and would appreciate you guys' help! My report headers are shipment count (data type double) for upcoming weeks so they change as time goes by; I have to turn on dynamic/unknown fields to capture the ever changing fields/headers. I also want to do highlight on the weeks when they are larger than half of total shipment... I have tried 2 ways: When I use this formula [_CurrentField_]>[Total Loads]/2 for highlighting , I get error message of invalid type in operator >. (so I guess alteyrx default unknown fields as string? then I used the next formula) When I use this formula tonumber([_CurrentField_])>[Total Loads]/2 for highlighting , I get error message of "string variable switched type" So I'm stuck here, and wondering how to make it work...

Is it possible to have the fields coming in be used to create new clone fields that follow your field guidelines?  The new fields could work off a wildcard naming convention that could be applied to a formula to move the data out of the ever changing "old" field and place the data in a new clean field.  This would allow you to dictate the new field name and data type for use in the highlighting formulas down stream.  Your new fields would always have the same identifying information while being populated with the relevant data from the "old" field . This approach could rid you of the string/integer errors you are receiving. 


Hope this helps!