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Is it possible to create a flow that takes column(s) from incoming data and either renames it as "ABC" or put in with another column? I have a lot of data from different software/users that needs to be combined but with columns that have the same information however named differently.


Column from file A: Facility ID

Column from file B: Building ID

Column from file C: BLDG ID

 I have numerous files that I need to cleanup and then use in PowerBi. is a possible to have a Flow (rather than a manual rename) that basically say if you see a Column Named Facility ID, either rename it as BDLG ID or take Facility and add just the cells to BLDG ID from another input?

Thank you.


Take a look at the dynamic rename tool. You can dynamically rename based on formulas so for example:


dynamic rename.png



Helpful article on the Dynamic rename tool:


My thought is that you could use the dynamic rename tool to standardize the column names across the sources automatically and then feed them into a union tool which would stack each of your sources on top of each other. 


I know that you mentioned that the different sources have different column names, but you can also union them together even without renaming anything with settings in the union tool. If every column has a different name but are in the same column positions, you can autoconfigure by position. Another alternative is to manually configure the columns to be stacked as seen below: 


union configs.png


I hope I got your scenario right in terms of just wanting to replace column headers to a different name.  If you provide sample data or a sample workflow, it would help to ensure people provide you the right tools to use.  


Please see the workflow for my simple solution to replacing column headers.  


@elpc has a good solution above. Here is another way of solving if you want to maintain the formula in the Dynamic Rename tool.


dynamic rename.png