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Can the Values of a List Box Be Used In Different Workstreams Within A Workflow?


Happy New Year Everyone!


I have an application that I'm working on that uses a chain app--which works fine.  The data for the chain app workflows are pulled from a Teradata (which I only have READ access) server using an ODBC.  Using the Visual Query Builder in Alteryx, I've excluded data that isn't necessary.


The way the application works is when the user opens the app, a parent customer selection drop down box interface is presented--we'll call it chain app 1.  Based on the parent selection, the next interface presents a list box of children of the parent (we'll call it chain app 2) .  As an application, the chain works fine--the problem is within chain app 2.  Chain app 2 pulls three sets of data from Teradata to create 3 databases using the values selected in the list box.  


My question is, is there a way to set this up (other than putting each work stream into 3 different workflows) to run the first work stream, then the second then the third?  It seems like all of the work streams are running simultaneously which is slowing the workflow down.


Here's a sample of the workflow:


 Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much in advance.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Chitowndivaus,


If you can amend your workflow to use Dynamic Input tool then this simple technique from @MarqueeCrew should do the trick:


You could also (as you said) solve the problem by splitting the inputs across three more chained workflows.


What is the input coming from? If they are SQL, you could also use those action tools right into the input and you can adjust the where clause like you would the dynamic input tool.


That would of course cut down the amount of data that is coming into your workflow and should speed it up.


The input is coming from the list box created from an alteryx database.  The user probably won't select all of the list box choices from the input interface.  The selected choices are then used to pull data from Teradata and create another alteryx database.




I don't have a ton of Teradata experience, but as I understand it, it's just a different SQL syntax? The problem with your current workflow, is that it looks like it's pulling an entire data set down from Teradata THEN filtering, where optimally you would want to adjust what is initially querying by adjusting your 'where' clause in the query.


Now there are a few ways to do this. The first, which @jamielaird mentioned is the Dynamic Input tool (there is a lot out there on this tool). How I would imagine it working is that you have a single action tool adjusting a text tool, where you have some dummy value in a cell. Then you would have the action tool take the user input and creating a list that overwrites your dummy value when running it as an application. This would be passed into the dynamic input tool, which would pass it into your "where" clause of your query.


The second, it essentially the same thing, but with different tools. The action tool can connect directly to your 'input' tool and there is an option to adjust your query. The action tool would be set up to create a list of values ( 'Value1','Value2',...,'ValueX'), that you can just have replace the part of your 'where' clause that would filter i.e. Field in ('Value1') would become Field in ( 'Value1','Value2',...,'ValueX').


I don't have the ability to create a demonstration for you on my current machine, but you seem to already have the difficult part figured out, which is having the action tool adjust another tool.


The stuff you are talking about doing is where you can really start to separate yourself from a typical user. Thinking about making a workflow dynamic and "unbreakable" is super important when you are starting to think long term, or "how can I build this so I never have to see it again?"