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Calculating Day Weights for business days

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I am looking to calculate the "Day Factor" column below. If i have a date range, i want to assign Business Days as 1 and non business days as 0. This portion is already predefined. The question i have, is that if a Business day is followed by a non business day, i want to assign the weekend days to the last business day before the non business day. Hence, below for 4/3/20, since it is a Friday, its day factor is 3 (it's counting Friday, Saturday and Sunday). For 4/9/20, its day factor is 4 (counting Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) since Friday is a Holiday.



DateType of DayDay of WeekDay Factor
3/30/2020Business DayMonday1
3/31/2020Business DayTuesday1
4/1/2020Business DayWednesday1
4/2/2020Business DayThursday1
4/3/2020Business DayFriday3
4/6/2020Business DayMonday1
4/7/2020Business DayTuesday1
4/8/2020Business DayWednesday1
4/9/2020Business DayThursday4
4/13/2020Business DayMonday1
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @jdejesus, assuming your data already has Type of Day column the attached solution might help you achieve your end goal.


Let us know if this isn't what you are looking for.


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Hi @jdejesus  - here is my solution....... give a value to "Business day", map non-business days back to last business day and do a count and join back.

7 - Meteor

Thank you both! both work for me.