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Calculate Percentage

Im still quite new on Alteryx and having some issues with calculating a percentage 


Attached is my test work flow, basically im trying to get an available order to show 100%. The logic behind my formula is the available Qty/Total qty however when i run its populating a 0.


Any help would be massively appreciated!






Alteryx Certified Partner

Could you link the "Current Generic Data.xlsx" file or provide a sample? It's no included when you share a .yxmd. To include that supporting file, you'd need to use Options > Export Workflow and make sure that box is checked. 

Hi Charlie


ive now attached the excel data 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for sharing that input. When I use that file, the formula seems to be calculating everything correctly. When I filter the records to only those that the formula should apply to, I see the 100 for all records.












Maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing?