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Automating the input of Multiple Named Ranges




I know there have been a few threads about reading data from multiple tabs or sheets, however they don't seem to apply to my problem. Could someone please help me.


My Problem:


I have data for 10 states, each on a separate sheet but to go along with them there are inputs for each state, required by my model. The input and the data are in the same spreadsheet.

Let me clarify: e.g. I have some data about Pennsylvania but I also have another sheet which has inputs such as Date Created, Number of Counties, Area in Square Miles. 

So each state has their own inputs sheet which is needed for the model to run. [Note: the sheets aren't of the same form or dimensions or structure]


What I want to do is to input both sheets simultaneously and then repeat this process for the other 10 states.

Currently I have to do two separate inputs  (one for assumptions and one for the data) and then change both directories for the other 9 spreadsheets for the remaining states.


Your help is much appreciated.




Hey @r00p5,


A sample of a couple of sheets would be very handy to quickly mock up a sample workflow, but the process is simple enough.


You can use an input tool (bring in Filename as well) to get a list of sheets, then a filter tool to split between the data/inputs sheets based on name. Then put each through a Dynamic Input tool. This will bring in all the data on 2 streams, it's then about how you combine each of those to put the inputs into the data...




Hey @KaneG


Thanks for your attempt. The first part, inputting the list of sheets and then filtering between them, makes sense. 

However I'm confused as to how the dynamic input tool comes into play.

As far as I understand, I will need to change the input data source template for each separate state I run the code for, given that they aren't all in the same format.

The aim is for this process to run through all 10 spreadsheets, with each spreadsheet holding a state's data and inputs.

I am unsure how to remove the need for changing the template in the dynamic input tool between each state's spreadsheet run.


Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.