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Application creating - Need helps


I have a very simple work flow only contains less than 5 steps, basically it just pulls out data from a database and do some simple joins and export an excel report. 


How can I change this workflow to a app? 

I want this app can be run by any people without installing Alteryx as long as they have the access to company's "alteryx gallery"?  They just need to click the "run" button to have the report be generated.


I have been searching for Application 101 but all I found are very advance which doesn't apply to my case.

Thank you.

Alteryx Partner

Alteryx offers a rich set of "How To" videos for free on Youtube.


This one addresses your question:



An Alteryx Analytical App is a self-contained program that performs a specific function for the user. The App performs a limited range of tasks, focused on optimizing user experience. This video will review the creation of an Analytical App and how to deploy it to a Gallery environment for ...


I saw those video before I posting my questions at here.. They are still too advance for me..


I am only looking for building an application to run the workflow without any filtering condition

The purpose is for someone who doesn't have Alteryx installed in their computer be able to run a Alteryx work flow.  

There is no filter for users to filter, they just need to click the run button for getting the same result  like someone who has the Alteyx license to run their workflow.


Is it possible to do in Apps?   Thank you.





Alteryx Partner

OK, now I understand.  For users who do not have the Alteryx application installed they can go to the gallery of applications.  As a licenced Alteryx user you can share your workflow (in  application form) in the Alteryx Public Gallery (! )


You need to remember that the workflow needs to be saved as an application which means that you have made this setting:




You can run an Analytical Application by clicking on the "magic wand":




Remember too that anyone can access your application in the Public Gallery so do not post anything you need to keep confidential.